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Lawn Mowing

when it comes to mowing & having a beautiful lawn here are a few steps you can take to ensure your lawn looks sharp all summer long!

  1. Always keeping your blades sharp - For a homeowner it is recommended to sharpen or change your blades each season for the highest quality cut. A dull blade can  leave the grass blades torn which quickly leads to the browning of the lawn.

 2. Vary your mowing patterns - Varying your mowing patterns will keep the grass standing up tall and help reduce the compaction of the soil allowing for deeper roots and therefore a healthier lawn, which will naturally help keep weeds out!

 3. Only cut the top 1/3 off at a time - Longer grass blades can grow and support more roots and develop a deeper root system, that will better be able to find water and good nutrients.


4.  Leave the grass clippings on the lawn - Grass clippings provide beneficial nutrients to the lawn, however its important that you mow often enough that you aren't taking too much off at once (sound familiar?) as that can cause big clumps of clippings in the yard that will smoother your growing lawn. 

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