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Want to ensure those plants you put a lot of time, money, and effort into have the best chance to grow and flourish? Here are a few tips to promote healthy growth and long life!

  1. The best time to plant shrubs & trees is the fall when you have milder temperatures as well as the maximum amount of time for the roots to settle in before next summer.

  2. prepare the proper hole: Ensure your hole is 2-3 times wider then the current root mass

  3. Plant high: tip to know if you have the right depth - lay the handle of a shovel across the the grade where your hole is dug. the root ball or tree flare should be at or above the handle.

  4. Be sure to loosen or break up the roots of the plant if they're densely bound up in a circular pattern or have started growing in the shape of the container: Without breaking up the patterns you've likely sentenced your plant to a short lived life.

  5. improve your soil: improve the soil when planting using an organic matter or compost.

  6. Eliminate air pockets: lightly hand pack the soil around the plant roots to ensure good root to soil contact. Air pockets can result in dead roots.

  7. Mulch the area where you've planted: mulch will help retain moisture and keep the roots near the surface cooler.

  8. Water: after planting new shrubs or trees it's important to keep them well watered until established. this process can take weeks, months, or even up to a year. however, be cautious not to drown them with over watering. the best way to know if you're not watering enough or if too much is to watch how your plants are reacting. i.e. If you're watering often yet the plant is losing leaves and appears stressed you may be over watering and vice versa if you aren't watering enough.

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